David Tuplin

Photo of me - August 2006
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There's nothing fancy on this site, in fact there's not a great deal of anything on here. Just wanted to be findable by anyone searching for me.
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A little bit of help for anyone trying to find me via more specific searches as it turns out there are more people called David Tuplin than I would have imagined. I know David is a reasonably traditional name, but Tuplin is not exactly one of the more common last names so I was surprised when I typed up the search and saw a fair few David Tuplin's around the net.

My Dad was in the Army so we moved around a fair amount at first, but once I reached primary school age, even though he still had to switch jobs every few years he managed to keep the family in a more stable location.

I attended Primary School at Shipton Bellinger (on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border).
Secondary school was at John Hanson Comprehensive in Andover, Hampshire.

As a kid I played football at weekends for Blue Star.
As an adult I played football for a couple of pub teams, the most memorable for me was the Anton Celtic team from the Anton Arms in Andover - we weren't a very good team but we were good friends.

I'm a computer programmer so we tend to move to where the work is.

I started work in 1986 and spent my first 4 years or so working at ADACS in Andover then skipped off to Florida for a couple of years.

On returning to England I took a small job working on Windows and MS-DOS which wasn't exactly my niche. A fair bit of the work was at device driver level so it was at least pleasantly challenging.

In late 1993 (a coincidental 9 months before I married Dawn) I started working for Motorola in Swindon where I worked on DataGen.
After a year and a half the DataGen project moved to Cork (Ireland) and my wife and I went with it for as long as she could stand it - which wasn't very long as it happened :-)

On leaving Cork I worked at Cellnet in Slough for a year and a half on the Vantive and NetExpert projects (back when it was called Cellnet that is).

Then returned to Motorola in Swindon (to work on CAT and ALFIE) and then onto Motorola in Basingstoke to work on the "Dolphin" network.

Dawn and I moved to Florida in 2001, which is where we currently are. I've worked on various Internet and Intranet projects while I've been here, HeaterShop.com and the shopping cart behind it were the most notable right up until I started doing iPhone and Android Apps in 2010.